Kind Kids from Commerce Bank

Kind Kid Of The Month- December

Kind Kid: Kendall O’Connell

Nominated by: Her Father

Nomination Story:

Kendall deserves this recognition so much!  My daughter not only excels in school but is compassionate and kind to other.  Whether it is with her siblings at home or at school with her peers and teachers.  Kendall has a heart of gold and will literally give the coat off of her back if she sees someone in need.  I hear stories all the time from her teachers about how a fellow classmate may be struggling with reading or solving a problem and our Kendall will be the first to jump in to help them understand the problem on their level or help them out and not feel embarrassed or frustrated because they may not know the answer as quick.  Kendall is a leader in her school and has been recognized by the school district for her constant leadership in the school. Kendall growing up with an Aunt and Uncle serving in our military shows respect to other Veteran’s anytime we are out and will thank them for their service.  I know receiving this award will excite her so much and show people the things we have grown to love about our Sweetie.  Thank you for taking the time to read my nomination of our daughter.


Kind Kid Of The Month- October

Kind Kid: Breckin

Nominated by: Steven Niemann

Nomination Story:

Breckin is a kind young man with a very big heart. He has  had a lemonade stand the past two years to raise money for the local police department and families of first responders that have been injured in the line of duty. Brekin is the type of kid who has never met a stranger and bring smiles to everybody around him. Breckin does all of this while battling brain cancer. Breckin just completed his last weekly  treatment after one full year of weekly treatments.


Kind Kid Of The Month- September

Kind Kid: Mia

Nominated by: Ruby Melendez (Mom)

Nomination Story:

Mia has a heart of gold! She is always kind to people and always considerate of other people’s feelings. When kids at school aren’t getting along, Mia will get them together. She is always helpful to her teacher and class! She is a member of student council and care club. She is an awesome daughter and big sister! We are truly blessed to have her in our lives!