Kyle Kristofer


Kyle Kristofer started doing radio professionally in 1989 moonlighting while being a fire fighter in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Guam at Anderson AFB for Hit Radio 100, Agana.  After, that he was reassigned to the Space Shuttle Recovery team at Edwards AFB and got to be part of the first landing of the Endeavor. Originally from Wisconsin, Kyle returned home after serving active duty during Desert Storm and Desert Shield to do radio in Milwaukee, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Madison, Manitowoc and Maine.  He followed his gorgeous wife, Sarah to Kansas in 2007.  Kyle is honored to have an amazingly talented daughter, Skye who is attending Baker University. Kyle also herds 3 griffys.  If you are looking for a great dog, check out and help save a life. When he is not playing at KC102.1, Kyle is a professional actor with the for their team building games in Kansas City and is pursuing an animation degree at JCCC.  Kyle is also a NFL team owner and self-proclaimed “Kansas Packers Ambassador”.

He would love to see this year’s Superbowl with the Packers & Chiefs in it.  He would also like to mention that he is available to take over as Batman for Warner Brothers for Affleck. BIG thanks to you for listening to KC1021! Follow Kyle on twitter @radiogagakk