Jacqui Lucky

Jacqui went off to Kansas State University with big dreams of becoming the next Diane Sawyer.  But a meeting with a Program Director of a radio station would change her life forever.  When he asked if she’d like to come to work for him for the summer, the music lover said YES! Her new co-workers teased her that she had caught the radio bug.

She went back to Manhattan after the summer was over, and went to work for another station.  Her schedule taught her to multi-task… balancing school, work, and being on the sidelines as a Classy Cat.  She graduated from KSU with a degree in Radio/TV.

She fell in love with a “long haired hippy guitar player”, and they began their life of moving from station to station to station.  They tested their love by doing a morning show for 3 years, but it taught the young couple the best way to get through this thing called life is with laughter… lots and lots of it.
Kansas City was one of their first stops, but when they decided it was finally time to have kids… they knew it was time to come HOME.  Jacqui grew up in a tiny little town, but has found her tribe of friends in the big city.  After having their first child, she semi-retired from live radio and started doing voice work and radio shows out of their home studio.

She’s the very proud Mama of 2 kids.  Jacqui and her husband just celebrated their 20 year wedding anniversary (although she claims the time they worked together should count as double).
After giving up on local radio, KC102.1 caught her very critical listening ears.  Like all her friends, she loves the mix of music! Jacqui looks forward to meeting you and chatting with you about what you love about KC and KC102.1!