Come to Orlando With Us!

I’m SOOO excited that The Show with Jen and Truta will be broadcasting live from Orlando from July 30-Aug 3! My birthday is Aug. 1 (let’s not worry about the age), and Truta’s is the 2nd, so it’ll be a big, fun birthday celebration. The cool thing is, we’ve teamed up with Suitcase of Dreams, who put together the most incredible packages so Kansas City area families can come too!

I know trips can be intimidating, both in cost, and just in the amount of planning that goes into it. But seriously, you really need to visit or call them at 844-333-8833, and ask about the KC 102.1 Dream Trip. Make sure you mention KC 102.1 so you get the amazing pricing, AND all the special perks that come along with our trip. Even better, you don’t have to pay for everything up front, you can just put down the deposit, and then take care of the rest later (hello, tax refund).

Imagine how cool it would be to surprise your kids…or girlfriend…or best friend by saying, “guess what? We’re going to Florida!!!” #KCDreamTrip